Saturday, November 25, 2006

Future Additions to the Museum...

Although the museum expands in a largely random fashion, I always have a wish list in the back of my mind. In addition to the wish list, I have a more practical one of firearms I'm actually likely to find and be able to afford...

1) The German collection: Kar. 71, Gew. 71/84, Gew. 88/05, Gew. 98 (Transitional), Kar. 98k.
What I'd like to add: A G43 autoloader, or a Dreyse.
What I'll likely get: An intact Gew. 98, complete with the rollercoaster (Lange Vizier) sight.

2) The French collection: Gras Mle. 1874 M80, Berthier-Mannlicher Mle. 1907/15 M16, and Mousqueton d'Artillerie M1916, MAS Mle. 1936, MAS Mle. 1949-56.
What I'd like to add: A Chassepot.
What I'll likely get: An Mle. 1886 Lebel. If I can ever find one.

3) The British collection: Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle (replica), Martini-Henry Mark I, Enfield SMLE Mk.III*, Enfield No.4 Mk.2.
What I'd like to add: A real Tower musket (aka "Brown Bess"), or a Lee-Enfield Mk. V.
What I'll likely get: A replica Brown Bess, or a No.4 Mk.1.

4) The Japanese Collection: Type 38 cavalry carbine, Type 99 short rifle, Type "I" rifle (Beretta marked!).
What I'd like to add: Type 2 paratroop rifle or Arisaka Type 30.
What I'll likely get: Type 38 rifle.

5) The Russian collection(ette): Mosin Nagant M91/30 ('44 Izhevsk), Tokarev SVT-40.
What I'd like to add: An Imperial-era Mosin M1891, un-altered.
What I'll likely get: An M38 carbine.

6) The American collection: M1 Garand, Springfield M1903 Mk.I, Eddystone M1917, M1896 Krag Jorgensen, Remington Model 11 riot gun.
What I'd like to add: Lee straight-pull U.S. Navy musket.
What I'll likely get: M1 carbine or M1873 floptop Springfield.

7) The Swiss collection: Vetterli Gew. 71, Schmidt Gew. 96/11.
What I'd like to add: Kar. 1911
What I'll likely get: The ubiquitous K31.

8) Mauser Miscellania: Spanish FR-8, Chinese Chiang Kai Shek, Siamese M1903, Swedish M1896/38, Argentine Mo. 1891, Venezuelan M24/30 carbine, Chilean M1895 carbine.
What I'd like to add: Argentine M1909 or an OVS M1895.
What I'll likely get: A Swedish M1896 or Yugo M48.

9) Mosin Miscellania: Finnish M39, Hungarian 44.M.
What I'd like to add: Polish M1891.
What I'll likely get: Finnish M28 or M28/30.

10) Miscellaneous Miscellania: Carcano Mo. 1938 carbine, Steyr-Mannlicher M95/30, Mannlicher-Schoenauer M1903/14, FN SAFN-49.
What I'd like to add: A Remington rolling block of some type, or my ultimate holy grail: A Remington Pontificio.
What I'll likely get: A vz. 52 rifle. I feel this is almost a certainty. (ie. I have one on layaway. :) )

Hints, bird-dogging, suggestions and pointers always welcome. Donations will not be turned away, either. ;)


Anonymous said...

You are so not allowed to make public the splendid delightfulness that is the 1909 Argentine "Engineer's Carbine" until after I have located and bought one for myself.

Oh, wait a minute. Crappit. Move along, people, you saw nothing, noooooooth-ing!

Jeffro said...

6) - Don't cut yourself short with the M1 carbine. The cream of that crop is the Garand. You will always regret it if you don't get one. Plus, I felt like only a 1903Mk.I would do, but a certain Smith Corona 1903A3 talked me out of it. Great shooter.

Matt G said...

Jeffro, I was gathering that she already has a Garand, but still needs an M1 Carbine for that collection.

Yeah, I was surprised not to see an '03A3, as well.

My collection is so very unworthy. My 1943 GM M1 Carbine is set up for house duty, and my 1903 Springfield is set up for deer and hog killing (in a new caliber, stock, barrel, sights...).

Tamara, you shoot even your museum pieces, don't you?

Can we see your similar post on pistols?

Anonymous said...

Start researching 1907 Savage .380 and a Rast-Gasser 8mm and a Swedish 7.5mm Nagant revolvers. I also found old film photos, if I an get a film scanners, will provide rifles wheel lock pistols an carbines. the latter with graduated sights. Have some G43 photos on my site now, though low-res.

Tam said...


"6) - Don't cut yourself short with the M1 carbine. The cream of that crop is the Garand. You will always regret it if you don't get one."

I have a Garand. An M1903 Mk.I, too. I had a Remington M1903A3 once, but sold it to get the funds for the military Model 11.

Tam said...


"Tamara, you shoot even your museum pieces, don't you?

Can we see your similar post on pistols?

"Yup", and "soon". :)

Thanks to Buffalo Arms, I've now found a source for loaded 11mm Gras and 6.5x54 M/S, too! :)

Hobie said...

The 1891 Argentine Engineers' carbine and the No. 4 Mk I and I* are my favorite bolt guns. I'm often amazed that so many cartridges of the time were nearly identical ballistically. Anyway, I look forward to every post.

Anonymous said...

Ok, been lurking long enough...When you say Lee-Enfield Mk V, are you talking about the "Jungle Enfield", or the experimental Mk V of about 1922-24?

By the way, great writing, Tam...surprised you aren't having someone pay you for it.

Tam said...

" are you talking about the "Jungle Enfield", or the experimental Mk V of about 1922-24?"

The latter.

"By the way, great writing, Tam...surprised you aren't having someone pay you for it."

Thanks! Nobody's offered, though, and I lost the submissions address for Decrepit Old Rifles Monthly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't call the rifles "decrepit", now.

The reason I asked about the Mk V is I have one. Bought it about 10 years ago in Tulsa. For those who may not know, the Mk V SMLE doesn't appear in some references because it was never accepted for (British) military service. About 10,000 were made for trials, but I have no idea how many remain today.

Anonymous said...

I have a Mle. 1886/93 Lebel, does that count?

It's short a middle barrel band and an original screw or two, but it's still sexy...

Sigivald said...

I got a 1914 M1891 Nagant, and it's apparently unaltered.

Well, except for the Finnish Army property stamp, of course.

(And a Polish M44; wasn't aware they even had a 91. But, well, once you get out of Mauser territory and before WW2 I get pretty hazy... I think the weirdest military bolt action I own is a mere Spanish 1916 .308 conversion.

[Non-bolt, an AG-42B, which is a whole other class of weird.])

Anonymous said...

I'm actually very surprised you don't have an M1 Carbine! I've always considered it to be *along with the Garand* the starting place in most collections of WWII longarms. I have to say it's one of my absolute favorites in my collection. I shoot it frequently.

T.Stahl said...

Should I ever move to TN I could loan a No.4MkI and a K31 to you museum. ;-)

Firehand said...

I just found out the Poles made a TT33 Tokarev in .22lr. Damn, I'd like one of those myself.

Parzifal Odinson said...

Hello maam.
I couldent help but notice your lookin for a brown bess replica...

check out

In their specials section you can find un finished "kits" of 1st model besses....Good price and quality

mine shoots wonderfully.



Anonymous said...

Check out CMP. They have a new shipment in house and are gearing up for a wonderful spring!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like a G 43 as well, to go with my G 41 and the Winchester M1 Carbine, sure wish I hadn't traded off the Garand though....what was I thinking? Should I ever get around to visiting my brother in Nashville, I'll drop by for a look see.

Gewehr98 said...

I've had a fresh box of new reloadable 7.62x45 VZ-52 brass sitting here on my desk ready to send to TN, if somebody ever answers their PM on TFL...

(VZ-52 rifles don't work well without ammo.)

Anonymous said...

If one has access to several wish list items, how do they contact you to discuss?

Tam said...


I'm very religious about checking my email. I religiously check it once a week or so, whether it needs it or not. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a Rast Gasser M1898, 32mm. And I was wondering if the military museum wants to have it. It is in good shape, I will send you pictures of it
if you're interested please contact me at:

Unknown said...

just came across a Lebel Mle 1886 M93... trying to verify the markings before i try and buy it... then try and get it home from afghanistan! anyone be of assitance?